Arandra Residence Type Unit 3 BR – Discount Special up To 16% Hard Cash
Juni 11, 2020
*Arandra’s Webinar Series “Face the Future”*
Juni 11, 2020

Arandra Residence Book Now Paylater

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Fell in love with something at the worng time might be one of the most complicated thing in this life.⁣

we know that many people dream of owning Arandra’s luxury resort apartment and we understand some of you might need some time to make it happen, due to one thing and another during this pandemic time.⁣

Good news for you! , if you can’t afford to pay it right now but at the same time don’t want to miss out,⁣
we have the “book now pay later” program with affordable monthly installment *Start from 10mio* ⁣

To find out more, call us now!⁣

According to research, even looking at nature from a window can have a positive impact on mental health.⁣


☎0811 698 666 / 0818 699 666
📍Jl. Cempaka Putih Raya No. 01, Jakarta Pusat

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